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the subject is treated' (Stam 2000, 14). Let’s do a quick refresher on the overall meaning of genre: Movie genres are stylistic categories where a particular movie can be placed based on the setting, characters, plot, mood, tone, and theme. The Exterminating Angel (1962), Brazil (1985). The experimental genre is often defined by the idea that the work of art and entertainment does not fit into a particular genre or sub-genre, and is intended as such. Docudramas are held to a higher standard of accuracy (not quality) than historical accounts or memoirs.Ex. Urban fantasy can serve as contemporary fantasy but must take place in an urban setting whereas contemporary fantasy can be set anywhere that resembles the corresponding time period. Denn die meisten Filme besitzen eine Art Doppelcharakter. The fantasy genre is defined by both circumstance and setting inside a fictional universe with an unrealistic set of natural laws. The Killer (1989), Hard Boiled (1992). While many movies may feature an action sequence, to be appropriately categorized inside the action genre, the bulk of the content must be action-oriented, including fight scenes, stunts, car chases, and general danger. For an inside look at how sitcoms are written, download your own copy of this Seinfeld script or the The Office pilot episode. End of Watch (2012), Beverly Hills Cop (1984). Ex. An outlaw western is where we follow a criminal or group of criminals as they attempt crimes and evade the law. Genre, um diese in die verschiedenen Geschmäcker aufzuteilen. A movie is a hybrid genre when instead of focusing exclusively on one genre, it blends two or more recognizable genres together. Post-apocalyptic movies are based around the occurrence, effects, and struggle generated by an apocalyptic event. The techno-thriller sub-genre is defined by a conflict that takes place for or through Various forms of technology. Täuscht ein Film lediglich vor, eine wahrheitsgemäße Dokumentation zu sein, spricht man von einer Mockumentary. Sometimes these werewolves have the ability to shape-shift at will, but in other cases, their transformation is dictated by a full moon. There is no requirement for a centralized government, and the only true aspect that places a story in this category is that technology threatens our reality. Ex. For more info on animation, you can dive deeper on the types of animation or see our list of the best animated movies of all time. me. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987), Dumb and Dumber (1994). Some of these movies may even include supernatural elements. The Practice (1997), The Firm (1993). The legal-drama sub-genre is defined by lawyers, judges, and legal complications that may be peripheral but not enveloped by the criminal justice system or matters relating to crime and punishment. Jr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1908) and Nosferatu(1922) elaborated on and often adapted the gothic and Victorian horror novels of the previous century. The animation genre is defined by inanimate objects being manipulated to appear as though they are living. A sitcom (situational comedy) is defined by a set group of people who must navigate through humorous situations and misunderstandings. The film theorist Robert Stam argues that 'subject matter is the weakest criterion for generic grouping because it fails to take into account . The medical sub-genre focuses on the inherent drama of health conditions, the inner workings of hospitals, the relationship between doctors and medical staff, and the medical industry. Die Folge ist ein einziges Chaos. The story needs to take place in the American West, which begins as far east as Missouri and extends to the Pacific ocean. A revisionist western challenges and often aims to disprove the notions propped up by traditional westerns. Sitcoms in the past were very often captured using multiple cameras on a soundstage, but it is by no means required. Most of James Cameron's best movies lean heavily on science fiction. A vampire movie introduces elements of horror through the use of undead, immortal creatures that drink blood. Ex. While some movies may incorporate various military characters, settings, themes, and events, this particular sub-genre focuses on their exploits and suggests these events are entertaining rather than tragic. Ex. Mit der Gattung wird dabei die filmische Form beschrieben; außerdem unterscheiden  sich die verschiedenen Gattungen in ihrer Intention (Information/Unterhaltung) und können entweder inszeniert oder real sein. Science fiction movies are defined by a mixture of speculation and science. Mockumentaries use the documentary format for parody, satire, or spoof. Claymation is a form of stop motion animation, except the subjects used are built specifically out of clay. Horror films usually attempt to create a spooky, Halloween-like atmosphere in order to give audiences a sense of romantic wonder, mixed with a fear of the unknown and the supernatural. Ex. In Musicalfilmen werden Konflikte in Form von Tanz und/oder Gesang choreografiert und ausgedrückt. Überschneidungen mehrerer Genressowie aktive Beeinflussung und V… Oberbegriffe: [1] Genre. The heist sub-genre is defined by a criminal, or group of criminals, who set out to steal something valuable, and have a more serious tone when compared to a caper story. They often feature battles, romance, and journeys, and will commonly revise history or provide assumptions that fill in gaps in the account of the historical event. Seinfeld (1989), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005). Harry Potter (2001), The Chronicles of Narnia (2005). Browse most popular movies and TV by genre. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004), Mortal Engines (2018), Tech noir is similar to dystopian but defined by technology as the main source behind humanity's struggle and partial downfall. Westerns are defined by their setting and time period. Definition and Examples, Guide to the YouTube Audio Library & Royalty-Free Music for Videos. Aussprache: IPA: [ˈʒɑ̃ːʁəˌfɪlm] Hörbeispiele: Genrefilm Bedeutungen: [1] Film, der einer bestimmten Art von Filmen mit gemeinsamen Themen, Motiven oder visuellen Darstellungsformen zugerechnet wird. Apollo 13 (1995), Lincoln (2012), A biography (or biopic) is a story that details the life and is told by someone other than the subject. These movies follow a protagonist or a group of protagonists as they forge a large scale business based on natural resources and land. Ex. The orchestrators often have a premeditated intention to coerce foolishness or error from the participant for the sake of humor or surprise. Because these films are defined by their ‘heritage’ they can also fall into many of the other western genres as long as they are Italian built. A Few Good Men (1992), A Time To Kill (1996). Die Hochphase derartiger Filme war in den 1930er Jahren, also in der Frühzeit der Tonfilmära. Emotions and intense situations are the focus, but where other genres might use unique or exciting moments to create a feeling, movies in the drama genre focus on common occurrences. → Komödie Deshalb gibt es Kategorien bzw. Beaches (1988), The Fault in our Stars (2012). Many of Martin Scorsese's best movies or Quentin Tarantino's movies fall within the crime genre. Read up on How to Write a Screenplay. These subjects can include biography, business, fiction, history, … Das wesentliche Merkmal der Ballade ist, dass sie eine Mischform der literarischen Gattungen bildet: in ihr kommen sowohl epische (das Erzählen einer Geschichte), lyrische (formal betrachtet ein Gedicht) als auch dramatische (Monologe, Dialoge) Elemente vor. Unter einem Filmgenre [fɪlmʒɑ̃ʀə] wird eine Gruppe von Filmen verstanden, die unter einem spezifischen Aspekt Gemeinsamkeiten aufweisen. Filme, die den sogenannten Kerngenres wie Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Thriller, Da… Eraserhead (1977), 8 ½ (1963). → Horror Ex. Halloween (1978), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), A splatter story introduces elements of horror by focusing on the vulnerability of the human body, and an emphasis on gore. Ex. If a significant portion of the story takes place in a world that has a range of circumstances, mood, and tone it would most likely be categorized as a high fantasy or general fantasy. Chappelle’s Show (2003), The Whitest Kids U’ Know (2006). Law & Order (1990), Miami Vice (1984). Early westerns often had their own agenda, and revisionist westerns attempt to dissolve and cast aside a commonly one-sided genre. Ex. Shrek (2001), Rango (2011) and Pixar's incredible short films. Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), The Fifth Element (1997), A contemporary science fiction story is set in the actual time period of its conception and introduces some form of a theoretical technology or scientific concept to serve as the story’s main source of conflict. The war genre has a few debatable definitions, but we’re going to try to be as straightforward and impartial as humanly possible. A gangster story follows and explores the world of organized crime. Sci-Fi ist verwandt mit Fantasy und Horror, welche allesamt zum sogenannten Fantastischen Genre gehören. Neben den hier als Haupt-Genres aufgelisteten Bezeichnungen existiert noch eine Vielzahl weiterer Filmgenres. The Man in the High Castle (2015), Inglourious Basterds (2009). Surrealist art often uses irrational imagery to activate the subconscious mind. The genre often adheres to general human psychology and societal behavior while incorporating non-scientific concepts like magic, mythical creatures, and supernatural elements. Comedy can be found in most movies, but if the majority of the film is intended to be a comedy you may safely place it in this genre. but they often find their home in dramas. Team America: World Police (2004). Ex. Reise mit begleitender Handlung. Ex. Ex. Musicals can incorporate any other genre, but they incorporate characters who sing songs and perform dance numbers. Auf der Suche nach Utopie- & Dystopie-Filmen? Das Genre lebt von Spezialeffekten und ist nah verwandt mit dem Actionfilm, in welchem der Protagonist von einer Kampf- oder Verfolgungsszene in die nächste stolpert. Sometimes these movies can have a darker twist, but the idea is to lean on the natural conflict derived from the pursuit of intimacy and love. We’ll have popular and accurate examples that will help clear up any confusion. This genre is defined by a singular goal and will incorporate the elements of the western genre while the protagonist seeks revenge. Now that you have a better idea of movie categories and the various film and television genres, why not start writing your own story. So kann man beispielsweise den Film „Kalifornia“ und „Wild at Heart“ auch zu dem Genre Horror zuschreiben. Casino Royale (2006), Mission: Impossible III (2006). Lust auf Serien aber noch keine Idee, was es sein soll? Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), House of Cards (2013). The Saint (1997), Unfaithful (2002), A period-romance story is defined by the setting and can include and incorporate other romance sub-genres. genre in content and another genre in form. Jedes Filmgenre weist in der Regel auch Subgenres auf oder kann mit anderen Filmgenres Überschneidungen bilden (Letzteres wird auch Genresynkretismus genannt ). Biopics can technically run the gamut of movie genres (Sports movies, War, Westerns, etc.) The central theme behind the noir sub-genre is a psychic imbalance that leads to self-hatred, aggression, or sociopathy. man mir vielleicht ein paar beispiele geben könnte, dann könnte ich das auseinanderhalten. Ex. Ex. Every major list seems to overlook this rather large subgenre. No matter what the specific plot, the best thrillers get your heart racing. Ex. Spartacus (1960), Titanic (1997), The difference between a period piece and historical fiction is slight, but the main difference is a general omission or a lack of necessity for real-life characters or events to provide context. Ich gehöre zu den Leuten, die musik fast kein bisschen unterscheiden können. Das Drama ist nach antiker Definition eine Gattung der Dichtung und bezeichnet eine Handlung mit verteilten Rollen. War movies can be historical accounts, fictionalized events, or future speculations that incorporate civilian interaction, political interaction, and espionage that takes place alongside a large scale, violent conflict. Gattaca (1997), Tomorrowland (2015), A dystopian story is one that features a world or society that serves as a contradiction to an idyllic world. Master the art of visual storytelling with our FREE video series on directing and filmmaking techniques. This is where shapes are cut out and placed on top of one another to make figures and settings, all used to tell a story. There are storytellers and filmmakers who live inside particular genres, and you may even hear some of them say, “I make genre movies.” This seems simple enough on the surface, but being a ‘genre storyteller’ requires you to fully understand what your specific genre means. What is Theme in Literature and Film? The Babadook (2014), Pumpkinhead (1988). Crime MOVIE GENRES. Das Filmgenre Science-Fiction existiert seit über 100 Jahren und ist geprägt von alternativen Realitäten, Gesellschaften und Technologien, die mit Spekulationen angereichert sind und oft in der Zukunft spielen. Ex. Ex. Wenn du eine Filmkritik schreiben möchtest, musst du natürlich zu allererst den Film schauen und eventuell auch schon währenddessen ein paar Notizen machen, was du von dem Film hältst, welche Szenen oder Dinge dir gut gefallen und welche dich stören.. Anschließend sammelst du die wichtigsten Informationen über den Film. Rent and buy movies online. Each student then chooses a film and writes a short plot summary for the film. Ex. The other section is made up of fictional movies that are placed inside an accurate depiction of a historical setting. MacGruber (2010), Spaceballs (1987). Ex. The Terminator  (1984), A space opera is defined by a mixture of space warfare, adventure, and romance. This highly specific sub-genre focuses on martial arts as both a form of excitement, but also as a chivalrous act of protection and honor. Ex Machina (2014), Arrival (2016), A military science fiction story is defined by a strict focus on the military conflict in a speculative or future setting. The Passion of the Christ (2004), Silence (2013). Die Musik beginnt erneut im Hintergrund zu spielen. Foodies? Stets bilden sich neue Subgenres und Strömungen innerhalb eines Genres heraus oder werden neu interpretiert. A buddy comedy is defined by at least two individuals who we follow through a series of humorous events. The Age of Innocence (1993), Barry Lyndon (1975), Alternate history is defined by the rewriting of historical events for the sake of speculative outcomes. A thriller story is mostly about the emotional purpose, which is to elicit strong emotions, mostly dealing with generating suspense and anxiety. The drama genre is defined by conflict and often looks to reality rather than sensationalism. Allerdings werden häufig auch die Begrifflichkeiten Genre und Gattung vertauscht oder beispielsweise auch bei einem Animationsfilm von einem Filmgenre gesprochen. The cyberpunk sub-genre is defined by a mixture of a desperate society oversaturated with the crime that takes place in a high tech world that includes cybernetic organisms, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Space Jam (1996). Some of the best WWII movies include all of those elements. Im Roadmovie ist die Reise das Ziel – Ein Großteil der Handlung spielt sich auf Straßen ab und thematisiert eine Fahrt bzw. → Western. Auch wenn der Zuschauer im Allgemeinen nicht in der Lage ist, eine Gattung in Worte zu fassen und zu definieren, so verbindet er (oftmals unbewusst) doch ei… Another way to frame it is a set of experiences that catalyze a descent into nihilism. This can range anywhere from local government to national political climates. Ex. A film may include organized crime, but if the majority of the story doesn't explore organized crime, it wouldn’t fall into this sub-genre.Ex. Seine verwirrte Reaktion wird in einem Reverse-Shot gezeigt. The courtroom sub-genre requires the majority of the story to take place inside, or support the events that are connected to a court case. Anspruchsvolle Dokumentarfilme beleuchten Vorgänge und Sachverhalte meist aus mehreren Blickwinkeln oder geben einen neutralen Blick auf die Thematik. Ex. The romance genre is defined by intimate relationships. Ex. Die Vielfalt an Subgenres ist groß, und die Abgrenzung zu eigenständigen, übergeordneten Genres ist komplex. Ein wirklich interessanter Beitrag für interessierte Laien, Autoren und andere Leute vom Fach. Ein Drama, teilweise auch Film-oder Fernsehdrama (Fernsehspiel), ist eine unspezifische Genre-Bezeichnung im Film- und Fernsehbereich. Some of the best Michael Bay movies come to mind. Jedes Genre folgt ganz eigenen Regeln, die sich gegenseitig stärken können, aber allzu oft auch einfach widersprechen. Dabei kann es sich um Handlungsort bzw. SC Lannom is a screenwriter and director living in Los Angeles. Dabei kann es sich um Handlungsort bzw. Damals, in der Blütezeit Hollywoods, wurde die Einteilung in Genres hauptsächlich aus produktionstechnischen und Marketing-Gründen vorgenommen. The Blair Witch Project (1999), V/H/S (2012), The zombie movie has roots all the way back to the '30s but it didn't really kick into high gear until the late 1960s. Ex. -zeit, Erzählform, Stimmung oder die generelle Thematik handeln. Many of Darren Aronofsky's best movies explore the dark depths inside the broken psyche of his protagonists. The comedy genre is defined by events that are intended to make someone laugh, no matter if the story is macabre, droll, or zany. Ex. Ex. Often this is a mixture of two separate genres. A melodrama strives for situations used to illustrate a larger moral thesis that acts as an agent of empathy.Ex. Praktische Beispielsätze. A spoof is broader than a parody because it mocks an entire genre or collection of similar, but separate works. Disaster movies are defined by a large amount of destruction, specifically from naturally occurring events, where characters try to survive. Stop motion refers to the style of photography, while stop motion such as claymation and sometimes puppet animation can fall into multiple sub-genres. Andere Definitionen des Filmdramas im Deutschen sind stärker eingegrenzt. Ex. Zu den ersten, abgrenzbaren Filmgenres, die sich in der frühen Zeit des Kinos und der Filmproduktion herauskristallisierten, zählen Musicals, Komödien, Horrorfilme und Western (das älteste Genre überhaupt). Die Anzahl der im Laufe der Zeit konstruierten Genre-Bezeichnungen bewegt sich im hohen dreistelligen Bereich, was unter anderem durch das Bedürfnis bedingt ist, eine möglichst konkrete Aussage über Inhalt und Stil eines Films vorwegzunehmen (etwa in Fernsehzeitschriften).

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