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However, the creators revealed that he was originally written to become romantically involved with Fire Lord. When Bolin expressed his disappointment about seeing Toza act this way, Mako became upset – Toza should be happy about being paid, Mako opined; after all, there had been no one to mourn for their losses when their parents died and had left them to fend for themselves, and that one must "hustle or be hustled". [47] Wu appreciated his services to the extent of requesting Raiko that Mako be allowed to return to Ba Sing Se with him after the coronation, much to the firebender's annoyance. With Suyin's help, however, Mako and the others were given a jeep so they could continue to track Aiwei down outside the city. This was particularly evident when he threatened an Equalist by raising a flaming fist when seeking information regarding Korra's whereabouts. After Team Avatar returned to Republic City, Mako attended the rest of Kuvira's trial, and saw her take responsibility for her actions by pleading guilty. Mako struck the spirit vine-charged power core of Kuvira's enormous mecha suit with lightning to cause it to explode. Makko. Eventually discovering that the airbenders were held captive underneath the Earth Queen's Temple, the team infiltrated the building that night. It is also the 195,054 th most common first name globally It is held by 1,558 people. While the brothers were collecting bets at a pet shop, a fire ferret escaped and was restrained by its owner, Mr. Feng, because it was to be fed to a pythonaconda. Makko's musical style can be compared to artists such as Juice WRLD, Post Malone and Mac Miller. With Tenzin's help, the threesome managed to navigate their way to lower parts of the building, though their escape routes were soon blocked by the advancing lava. The largest selection of the most comfortable frames of any Australian owned polarised eyewear company. bukan tim repsol gan mohon bantuannya ya Agan-agan pasti tahu dong yang namanya komic atau cerita bergambar. By the age of 7, Mako was an orphan living on Nar Shaddaa and already had earned a reputation for having an unnatural affiliation to all things computer related, including slicing. Mako and Bolin rushed to Guan and Sheng's aid after Kuvira tried to use the brainwashing device against them after feigning her willing surrender. He was a member of the demoscene group Tequila, together with Zalza, Jelly, Dawn and Dalezy amongst others. [50] At the estate, Mako taught Wu some self-defense moves while catching the royal up to his history with Korra and Asami.[6]. When Mako and Bolin exited the ruined mecha suit, they were shocked to find that the Spirit Wilds had been blasted open and housed a new spirit portal in its center. Mako, Bolin and Wu were taken to a tent, where Korra read aloud commands to reverse-engineer their brainwashing. They discovered her soul and those of several others trapped inside a vegetative pod that had transported their souls to the Spirit World. The reunion soon became tense among the old friends, when the three years of separation caught up with them. kan hjælpe dig med. Makko left his family behind and migrated to Australia with only his mother and sister at the age of 10 to seek opportunities for a better life. 485 Followers, 1,255 Following, 61 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Mr. Makko - (@mr.makko) Mako demonstrated this ability again when he discovered where the Equalist airfield was hidden. While Korra and Asami searched Aiwei's abandoned vehicle and discovered he was set to meet Zaheer at Xai Bau's Grove, Mako and Bolin investigated the town, finding Aiwei resided at the local inn. Pink Floyd, J. Cole, Joey Bada$$, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Guns N' Roses. Mako rushed to Korra's side and supported her after she was blocked out of meditating into the Spirit World due to Zaheer's memory. Despite managing to save Korra, however, they failed to apprehend the group. When Korra failed to meditate into the Spirit World, Mako was surprised to learn that Zaheer's memory was still haunting her, though reassured her that he was there for her, offering his help in any way she needed it. Mako is also shown to be quite level-headed in dire situations and has quick thinking, which was exhibited when he came up with a plan to save his brother from the Equalists during Amon's revelation. In 1920 there was 1 Makko family living in New York. התכנים הכי מעודכנים של חדשות 12, תכניות קשת, מחשבים ואינטרנט, אוכל, ספורט ועוד. He later watched as Kuvira was brought before a tribunal to answer for her crimes as ruler of the Earth Empire, and witnessed Suyin confront Kuvira after she plead not guilty. Arriving, Mako sought out and challenged Tokuga, attacking him with his firebending in an attempt to arrest him. Affiliation As the two groups attacked the Triple Threat mecha suit forces, Tokuga took both Asami and Keum on his airship and fled. Power plant worker (formerly)Pro-bender (formerly)Police officer[4]Soldier (brainwashed, formerly)[5] [10] He is able to generate it from either hand quickly with little charging time and no arm movement and is also capable of maintaining the bolt for several seconds. Along the way, they decided that Mako, Bolin, and Asami would check on the airbenders who were used as leverage, while Korra gave herself up to Zaheer, although Lin, Suyin, Tonraq, and the security detail would back her up. When initial attempts to persuade some new benders to move to the Northern Air Temple in order to learn the ways of the Air Nomads, Mako reluctantly participated in an "air show" to excite the new benders about their new abilities, which attracted Kai to join them.[36]. Once on the other side, Mako spotted Tokuga falling from the airship and ordered his brother to assist their friends while he pursued the triad leader. Mako, Bolin, and Asami were conscripted into the military of the Earth Empire after being brainwashed. Mako grins as he receives the winnings for one of the Fire Ferrets' matches. [37] With passports produced by Tu, the brothers managed to Return to the palace and explained to Korra and Asami what happened to them and that the Earth Queen was harboring airbenders for her army. Mako even came into close contact with the leader of the triad, Lightning Bolt Zolt, and was able to learn the techniques of lightning generation and redirection from him.[10]. [28] His commitment and effectiveness on the streets was such that he earned himself praise from President Raiko. Instead, he labeled her to be a dictator taking over the Earth Kingdom by force, which angered Bolin, who blamed him for wasting his time as Wu's glorified butler while he was making history and left.[49]. Every track you hear on Amped comes from an act playing live this weekend! Mako learning pro-bending from Toza and lightning techniques from Lightning Bolt Zolt were both cut out of the show for time saving purposes. The brothers were eventually cornered by Shady Shin and two other gangsters and forced into the defensive until Toza helped bring the fight to a standstill and Zolt eventually broke it off completely. Amon admitted to Mako that he was impressed with his firebending skill, and that it was almost a shame that he would have to remove the bending of "someone so talented". Makko by Junior Family from the Album Le top des génériques TV Juniors, Vol. Mako was born the son of an Earth Kingdom man named San and Naoki,[7] a Fire Nation woman,[8] two years before Bolin. When the Triple Threats retreated with their wounded leader after the dragon eel spirit had deformed him, Mako was stunned to silence upon witnessing Korra kissing Asami. The following morning, Mako and the others set out to investigate how the breach in security could have occurred, a search that eventually led them to suspect the city's resident truth seer, Aiwei, as he was the only one who could tell a lie and be believed. Lin Beifong lead the charge, checking to make sure it was full of people before invading, and said she had detected at least twelve, before commanding her men to head in. After the Anti-bending Revolution, Mako started as a beat-cop for the Republic City Police Force. [40], With Naga's tracking abilities, the team followed Aiwei's trail to just outside the Misty Palms Oasis. Following the insurrection of the Red Lotus, Mako was handpicked by Wu to be his personal bodyguard until his coronation as the new Earth King. Returning to the Southern Water Tribe to find it overrun with Northern Water Tribe soldiers,[25] Mako was forced to sit by helplessly as he watched Tonraq and several other Southerners be sentenced to life imprisonment for their attempt to kidnap Unalaq. When they inquired about new airbenders in the city, Chow and Tu told them there was a rumor that Earth Queen Hou-Ting was retaining them for experimental purposes. [54] He has also displayed considerable agility, capable of both jumping long distances and performing flips,[41] proving himself difficult to hit at a distance. He pulled her aside and suggested to trick Ping into believing that he had been identified by another triad member as the mastermind of the earlier attack on the Creeping Crystals in order to get Ping to talk. Once aboard the airship, the party was ambushed by Guan and his army. After answering that despite Kya's treatments, he cannot firebend with it, Mako then asked Korra how she was doing and learned that Tokuga blamed her for his disfigurement. Discover every event happening in your city featuring this brand, and get alerts when new events are added. Mako added to Lin that he believed that the Triple Threats had been bought, and that Korra had a hunch it was Wonyong Keum. However, when Toza won and Bolin revealed that he had encouraged the pro-bender to not to throw the match, Mako urged his brother to run from an irritated Shin. [13], Later that night, Mako and Bolin attended Toza's match, sitting in the same booth as Zolt and Shady Shin. Wu warmly embraced Mako after both realized that the brainwashing had been undone. After the businessman was arrested for the attempted kidnapping of President Raiko, Mako was released from prison.[30]. In light of the brothers' pasts, he cares deeply for Bolin and is very protective of him. Lin listened to Mako and when he was finished asked if he bought her "cockamamie" theory. Mako encouraged Bolin to try metalbending them out of prison. Mako uses lightning to distract Amon so he and Korra can save the airbenders. She eventually managed to help them win the match, and as such, a lasting partnership was formed. Mako later gathered outside Gaoling City Hall when Wu gave his speech proclaiming that the Earth Empire would need more time to move to democracy, with each state setting its own timetable according to its citizens' wishes. Mako accompanied Korra and the rest of Team Avatar toward the Southern Water Tribe in an attempt to break through the Northern forces guarding the Southern spirit portal and get into the Spirit World. Impressed with the brothers' abilities, Mako and Bolin were offered the chance by Toza to live at the gym and train under him to become pro-benders. D: Makko tidak hanya menerbitkan satu, melainkan dua komik Vandaria. They freed Tenzin and his children, though when they were faced by Amon, the Equalist leader managed to take away Korra's bending. Makkos are usually very ugly with a justin bieber cut. [22] Mako and Asami's relationship grew tenser and tenser as he spent more time with Korra doing reconnaissance work by spying on the Equalists. As Skoochy left, Bolin remarked to Mako that he would not have guessed it, but he was the bad cop after all. When the two women emerged from the portal and a handcuffed Kuvira was escorted away, Mako joined in a group hug to rejoice with Korra, with the rest of Team Avatar soon joining in. The members of Team Avatar arrived, and approached Tokuga and his men as they stole the Earth Empire's confiscated weapons. He reminded her that the Triple Threat leader was unhinged and that she should not let him manipulate her as such. Upon Mako's questioning, one of Asami's bodyguards said that he had been ambushed and did not know who the team's attackers were. While Korra did the same, Mako and the others looked after her physical body, though when they noticed Ming-Hua and Ghazan had arrived at the inn as well, Asami left with Korra's body while the brothers stalled the two criminals. Mako watched on as Asami and Bolin confronted Kuvira when she told them that she was impressed by the loyalty Team Avatar held for each other. Ping responded that he was being honest, and that Tokuga had no way of sending him messages through prison, so he had no idea where they were. Their bisexual flowers are borne in inflorescences that are usually paniculate, terminal, subterminal, or arising from near base of branchlets, with long peduncles or rarely without peduncles. Book Three: Change (late 171 AG) #new #australian #ambience #hiphop #electronica #trap #triplej #HipHop #Rap, Juice WRLD, Post Malone, Lil Skies, Mac Miller, XXXTentacion, The Weeknd. To make it up to him, she took him to dinner at Kwong's Cuisine, marking the start of their relationship. Bolin angrily responded that Mako was being mean and walked away, leaving Mako to sigh. After she broke with Tenzin and started her spiritual training under Unalaq,[4] Mako accompanied her on her journey toward the South Pole, where she opened the Southern spirit portal. The brainwashed brothers demanded that Kuvira release them. Submitted Name. Mako was part of Guan's force leading the attack on her own airship. After escaping th… [1] He formed a pro-bending team with his brother and Hasook and aspired for his new career to bring him fame and fortune. Bolin angrily grabbed Skoochy and demanded he stop lying and answer Mako's questions, to both Skoochy and Mako's surprise. Mako defended Skoochy from Bolin, who acted as a "bad cop". Watch Queue Queue. After Korra boarded the airship, poison gas was released from the craft before Asami directed it into the Spirit World, prompting Mako and Bolin to follow suit. As they neared their destination, Mako voiced his suspicion that Tokuga was holed up with an abandoned Earthen Fire Refinery, given that it was large enough to house a few stolen airships. Safely escaping the city, the airbenders headed for the Northern Air Temple, while Mako joined his friends and Lin to continue the search for other airbenders in Lin's airship.[38]. Mako told Lin Beifong about Korra's theory that Wonyong Keum was behind the Triple Threat Triad's attack on the spirit portal. Mako was present for Wu's speech where he announced the impending democratic elections to take place in the State of Gaoling. As a last defense, Mako generated lightning and aimed it at the water connected to Ming-Hua, killing her in the process. Realizing Korra and Kuvira were nowhere to be found, Mako and the rest of Team Avatar set out to search the area for the Avatar. As such, he accompanied her to Zaheer's prison, where she faced the airbender by herself, hoping it would give her peace of mind.[51]. While he consoled her, Mako was surprised when Asami kissed him. Mako questioned why she thought it had been them, and she responded she would tell him how she knew on the drive there. Profession After his breakup with Korra, Mako occupied himself by reading Jinora's books. Save. Mako agreed with that assessment and used it as reasoning to take Toza's offer for a chance at a more honest life. Upon being asked by Korra if he was all right, he, still in a stupor, reiterated that they were dating each other now and said he was cool with that.[55]. When Amon moved to do the same to Mako, the firebender managed to temporarily overpower Amon, and run away with Korra. MAKKO is on Chicmi - the fashion calendar. He is the first bender shown to stop Amon from taking someone's bending away. Bolin and Team Avatar discovered a hidden room behind a bookshelf in Aiwei's house. Bolin told the rest of the group that he would have to leave, as Zhu Li had back-to-back meetings the rest of the day, and Mako noted with interest that Bolin had decided to stick to the job, his brother telling him that after what they went through, he was fine with filing office paperwork for a while. He said he thought it was possible, and suggested that they bring Wonyong in for questioning. Eventually, Mako abandoned these immoral activities but refused to admit the criminality of his past actions to Korra, as he firmly believed he was doing what was necessary to survive. Mako has demonstrated considerable skill in the art of firebending, implementing a modern style of fighting that he developed in his pro-bending days. Firebending, lightning generation Bintan Utara RT.01/RW 06 Gedanganak Ungaran Timur, Semarang – 50519 Indonesia Hubungi kami sekarang: +62813 2854 7919 E-mail: [22] When restrained by Amon's bloodbending, he was able to maintain enough focus and calmness of mind to generate lightning and score a direct hit against the Equalist leader. Additionally, he is the only person to do so in, Mako has used lightning generation in the finale of each book of, Mako is the only core member of Team Avatar who remained single at the end of the series. [20] He was broken out of jail by Lin Beifong soon after, who alerted them, much to Mako's shock, that Korra had been kidnapped. When Bolin wanted to celebrate the abandonment of their criminal lives, Mako reminded him they had to save what little money they had at that point, though due to Bolin betting on a Boar-q-pine victory, they had more than enough to celebrate with. Watch Queue Queue 58 szállásajánlat. As White Lotus sentries escorted Kuvira out, Mako told her that even though he thought he would never say it, he was grateful for what she did for them.[59]. Helping Bolin overwhelm Ghazan, Mako and Bolin emerged to the conclusion of Korra's battle with Zaheer. Mako was indoctrinated to think that the Avatar was no longer his friend, and was conscripted into the military of the Earth Empire. After arriving back at the station and finishing booking their prisoners, Mako walked in on Lin interrogation of Two Toed Ping about the identity of the Triple Threats' new leader, which was leading nowhere. An injured Mako was easily defeated by Tokuga though saved from further harm by Bolin. By 174 AG, Mako had begun styling his hair to resemble General Iroh's. Two weeks later, Mako attended Jinora's airbending master ceremony[45] before joining Asami, Bolin, Tenzin, and Jinora on the ferry dock to say goodbye to Korra, who was set to return to the Southern Water Tribe in order to recover from her physical and mental trauma.[46]. Characterized by his stoic and brooding personality, Mako is generally aloof and indifferent, though he is not incapable of genuine kindness and a protective demeanor. Mako stated to Bolin that in order to survive in Republic City, one had to "hustle or be hustled". With no suitable radio nearby, the group returned to Zaofu to seek solid communication and warn the airbenders of the imminent threat.[43]. Sunny bisa menceritakan sedikit tentang kedua komik itu? Guan broke them free. 0%. Mako opposed Bolin's view of Kuvira, however, not believing that the metalbender was truly helping all the poor people of the empire. He proposed an alternative for dealing with the Triple Threats by going behind Lin's back. Content with how everything turned out, Mako emphasized to Korra that he would always be there for her, no matter the situation. Alex started Mako as a DJ duo with another producer Logan Light, who left the group in early 2017. Mako encouraged his brother to metalbend them out of there, though Bolin failed. [35] When Korra and Tenzin decided to scour the Earth Kingdom for those new benders, it was only when Bolin convinced Mako to come along that the firebender relented and joined the rest of Team Avatar on their quest. He often resorted to his firebending to protect himself and Bolin on the streets. After finding him, they fought off several Dai Li agents and making it to the surface, they spotting Korra and Tenzin coming to them on Oogi. Amennyiben az E-ügyintézés űrlapjainak kitöltésében segítségre lenne szüksége, kérjük hívja a +36 62 511 800 telefonszámot! His sense of duty also caused him to divulge information that would strain his relationship with Korra, ultimately ending it.[27]. [39] Spending several days at the city, Mako was alerted by Bolin one night that Korra was being kidnapped by the Red Lotus. However, they stopped when the Red Lotus attempted to kidnap Korra in Zaofu, instead working to bring down the anarchist organization. Welcome to my page! He can maintain his fire streams for a period of time for feats such as propelling himself through the air. Mako, Korra and Asami were welcomed by Bolin to the president's office, as the earthbender had found a new job as Zhu Li's assistant. Attending a meeting with the other world leaders, Mako learned of Kuvira's super weapon when Bolin and Varrick returned to the city. First appearance Korra predicted that Tokuga would lay low for a time, but was certain they had not seen the last of him. The police force had their hands full investigating the triads ravaging the city, as the different factions engaged each other in turf wars over the land that was not destroyed during the invasion. In the following months, Mako joined the Republic City Police Force, where he steadily rose up from being a beat cop to a detective. When Korra did not show up when she was scheduled to arrive back at Republic City after three years of absence, he was left to wonder where the Avatar could be.[48]. Korra told Mako that she believed it was the Creeping Crystal Triad who were responsible for the kidnapping, and asked if Mako knew where they were located. However, from the moment Makko learnt English he has always been profoundly into Hip Hop and Rap music, looking up to modern greats such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Mako is also good at reading maps, as he figured out where the Equalist rally was located by looking at the maps he and Korra obtained from the Equalist protester. Sledovat Odebírej novinky SledujeÅ¡ ZruÅ¡it odběr After the royal left for dance floor, Mako was thanked by Korra for his help with Kuvira, and he told her that he would always follow her into battle, emphasizing that he was there for her and always would be.[54]. When they found her, however, she was in the Avatar State due to the effects of her mercury poisoning and battling Zaheer, leaving Mako and Bolin to deal with Ming-Hua and Ghazan, respectively. When Bolin reminded Mako of Lin's orders, Mako remarked that he did not care, Tokuga had just nearly killed them and he needed to be brought down using any lead.

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